Brazing Partnership

With over 20 years of experience in manufacturing brazed aluminum, copper, and steel cold plates, we offer the expertise you need for reliable and efficient cooling solutions.

If you need liquid-cooled cold plates to effectively dissipate heat and keep your fiber optics, processors, or diodes cool, we can partner with you to achieve that goal. 


Lux Manufacturing Inc. works to deliver your brazing project on time, with properly functioning channels that are free from leaks. We can collaborate with you to optimize your design for manufacturability (DFM), enhancing production yield.


Lux Manufacturing Inc Services Include:

  • Using fixtures to enhance flatness and parallelism of reference planes
  • Channel optimization to minimize leaks
  • Preparing brazing surfaces for optimal adhesion and coverage
  • Heat treating and or stress-relieve parts between roughing and finishing, either in-house or by sending them out.

Additionally, we provide:

  • Ultrasound testing using a thermal camera to verify channel integrity, ensuring no obstruction from brazing foil or chips
  • Leak testing using water, air pressure, or nitrogen up to 120 psi

Depending on the design, we employ our specialized “picture frame” machining technique post-braze. This method utilizes smaller end mills and light cuts to minimize thermal distortion and stress, enhancing flatness. It helps internal channel reference planes and external heating transition pads remain parallel. We utilize dedicated fixtures and machines for maintaining parallelism and flatness.

Thanks to our large network of reputable brazing companies we can provide competitive quotes and deliver our clients a completely finished product efficiently. Our soft brazed aluminum assemblies are sent to NADCAP- certified heat treated to restore the material to T4 or T6 conditions. After machining and deburring, we test for leaks using our channel cleaning/leak testing station. We flush the channels with high-pressure air and water, then pump heated water through them while using a thermal imager to confirm the channels remain open.


Should leaks occur, our extensive experience allows us to potentially fix them and retest. Finally, we deburr, clean, and send the parts out for plating or additional cleaning, depending on your requirements. If the assembly requires helicoils, PEMs, or other types of inserts, we have years of expertise in their installation as well.

Lux Manufacturing - brazing example

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