Supporting Key Industries for Over Four Decades

Lux Manufacturing, an established machine shop with over 40 years in business, has been providing manufacturing services for leading companies across various industries.

Aerospace and Defense Manufacturing

Lux Manufacturing Inc. offers a comprehensive range of capabilities and processes tailored to meet the demanding standards of the aerospace and defense industries. Our focus on high quality, reliability, and precision ensures that every component and assembly we produce meets the rigorous requirements of these critical sectors. Lux Manufacturing Inc. is AS9100 certified through TUV Rheinland. 

What we do: 

CNC Milling and Lathe Machining: These processes are essential for creating precision parts with tight tolerances required in aerospace components. Our CNC milling and lathe machining capabilities allow for the production of complex geometries and high-volume manufacturing with consistent accuracy, vital for the sophisticated needs of defense applications. We can machine parts for a variety of Aerospace and Defense functions including: airplanes, missiles, satellites, aircrafts and more. 

 5- Axis machining enables machining of intricate parts with complex surfaces, which is important in supporting the development of high precision and structural integrity. 

Other services we offer: 

  • Pemserters 
  • Helicoils 
  • O- Rings and Spira Gaskets 
  • Brazing and welding 
  • Heat treating and hardening 
  • Plating 
  • Anodizing 
  • Painting 


In the critical Aerospace & Defense sectors, precision and compliance are paramount. At Lux Manufacturing Inc, we uphold the highest standards of quality and regulatory compliance. Our commitment is reflected in our certifications: AS9100D for aerospace quality management, ISO 9001:2015 for overall quality management systems, ITAR registration ensuring strict control over defense-related products, and NIST 800-171 compliance for safeguarding sensitive information. These credentials underscore our dedication to delivering reliable, secure, and precision-engineered solutions for aerospace and defense applications.

By integrating these advanced manufacturing capabilities and specialized processes, we ensure that our aerospace and defense components meet the highest standards of quality, reliability, and precision. Our commitment to excellence supports the development and maintenance of cutting-edge defense technologies, ensuring mission success and operational superiority

Aerospace and Defense specialty

Here is a list of some of the materials we work with: 


  • Titanium 6AL-4V
    • AMS4928
    • AMS4911
    • AMS4904
    • AMS4965
    • AMS4907
    • AMS4931
    • AMS6930
    • AMS6931
    • Ultrasonic Grade Inspected AMS-STD-2154 Class A
    • Alpha Beta Annealed


  • Aluminum 6061
    • 6061T6 AMS4027
    • 6061T651
  • Aluminum 7050
    • 7050T7451 AMS4050
    • AMS4117
  • Aluminum 1100
    • ASTMB209
  • Aluminum 7075
    • AMS4078
    • AMS4124
  • Aluminum 4032-T651
    • AMS4319C
  • Aluminum 2219
    • T851 Alum Alloy Plate
    • Ultrasonic Quality, AMS-QQ-A-250/30
    • Ultra Inspect per MILSTD2154 or ASTM B594

Specialty Alloys

  • Invar 36
    • Annealed, Bar Rod, K93050 ASTM F1685
  • Tantalum
    • Sheet, Strip Plate, ASTM B708 Electron Beam Furnace

Stainless Steel

    • 13-8 PH CRES
      • Bar AMS 5629
    • 15-5 PH
      • Bar Steel AMS 5659
    • 301 CRES
      • 1/2 hard CRES Cold Rolled Bright Finish #2 ASTM 5518
    • 303SE CRES
      • Condition A Bar or Rod AMS 5640
    • 304 SST
      • Sheet AMS 5912
      • Plate Hot Rolled Annealed, AMS 5513
  • 316 SST
    • Plate ASTM A240
  • 440C CRES
    • Bar AMS 5630
    • SST AMS 5618 Condition A Consumable Vacuum Melted
  • A286 CRES
    • SOLN HT Work Strength AMS 5853
    • SOLN HT, S66286 Bar Rod 200KSI AMS 5726
    • Bar CRES AMS 5737 Heat Treat 140KSI
  • Nitronic 60 CRES
    • Bar LMA-M7060 AMS 5848


  • 4340 Steel
    • Normalized and Tempered AMS 6484
  • Custom 455 PH
    • Bar CRES AMS-5617J, Grade 1 Steel, UNS S45500

High-Performance Alloys

  • MP35N Alloy
    • Rod, Work Strengthened, Solution Heat Treated AMS 5844

Copper and Copper Alloys

  • BeCu
    • C17200 AMS4533 TF00 Temper Bar & Rod, 1.9% BE, Precipitation Heat Treated, ASTM E2375 A or AMSSTD 2154 Ultrasonic quality
  • Bronze
    • C9320 ASTM B505
  • Copper C101
    • H04 Bar Rod ASTM B187 B187M
  • Copper C110
    • 1/2 hard H02 Temper Sheet Strip Plate, ASTM B152
  • Copper C145
    • H02 Half Hard, ASTM B301M


  • Torlon
    • Polyamide-Imide, 7130 30% Graphite Fiber
  • Acetal
    • Plastic, POM Group 01 Class 1 Grade 1 Unreinforced ASTM D6778
  • PEEK Thermoplastic
    • Polyetheretherketone MIL-P-46183 non-reinforced
  • PEI
    • Plastic, Polyetherimide Unfilled, PEI0113 ASTM D5205
    • Polyetherimide, Glass Reinforced ASTM D5205
  • Rexolite 1422
    • Crosslinked Polystyrene Rod with Low Loss Tangent
  • UHMW
    • UV Resistant, Black, Sheet, Polyethylene
  • Ultem 2300
    • Polyetherimide
  • Vespel SP-1
    • Unfilled commercial

Processes we offer: 


  • Tiodize
  • TioLube 460
  • Coating
    • Molybdenum Disulfide
  • Primer
    • BR-12


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