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History of Success

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Founder Max Lux came from Germany where he trained as a master machinist. In 1979 he established LUX Manufacturing which is now lead by his son Frank Lux. LUX Manufacturing is a family and community based company headquartered in Sunnyvale, CA.

LUX Manufacturing has successfully served Silicon Valley clients with high quality machined parts, assemblies, and exceptional customer service for four decades.

2019 marks our 40th anniversary! Watch our “Lux Manufacturing Celebrating 40 Years” video here.

Four Decades of Precision Machining

LUX Manufacturing specializes in CNC mill work – both short run prototype and longer production runs. LUX Manufacturing complements the CNC work with the capability of shorter run manual mill and lathe jobs. LUX Manufacturing is run by and employs only experienced machinists.

LUX Manufacturing serves clients from the medical and biomedical, defense, semiconductor, electronic, photonics, and optics industries.

Our process includes working with your from print to the finished product.

Important ID’s: TPIN#:18556398, Cage#: 47156, Duns#: 071880082 and NAICS Code #’s: 332710, 333293, 333295, 333298, 333514, 333999.

We accept the following file formats: .pdf, .dwg, .dxf, .igs, .x_t, .xmt, .sat, .sldprt, .slddrw.

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